Workshops at the Pinnacles : Season Starter - Friday, 16th March 2018

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Workshops at the Pinnacles : Season Starter - Friday, 16th March 2018


This workshop takes place during the start of the 2018 Milky Way season and is designed for beginners to get the best out of their cameras and to learn composition techniques for Nightscape Astrophotography.

Participants will be taught how to use their cameras in full manual mode, the best settings for their particular camera and lens setup, and how to capture the Milky Way along with interesting foregrounds.

At minimum, participants will have to own a DSLR with manual settings, a Wide-Angle Lens (24mm or wider) with an aperture size of f4.0 or larger and a Sturdy Tripod. 


Date: Friday 16th March 2018

Time: 6:30pm to 11:00pm

Location: The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

Meeting Point: Parking area in the Pinnacles

Limited to 10 people per workshop


*Please note that participants are only paying for the Workshop. Transport and Accommodation will NOT be provided and we will have to vacate the pinnacles by midnight. 

Camping at the Pinnacles is prohibited. However, there are plenty of cheap accommodation in the local town of Cervantes.

Should the weather be unfavourable on the advertised day due to rains or excessive cloud cover, participants will be notified and the workshop will be postponed to the following day, Saturday.*


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Participant Checklist:

Please note that the Pinnacles is approximately 2 and a half hours North of Perth city. Please allow for traveling time

Ensure that camera batteries are fully charged + spare battery

Ensure SD cards are formatted and have sufficient space (16gb to 32gb will suffice)

Bring along a jacket as it could get cold at night

Ensure sufficient water and snacks

Ensure your car is fueled up as the local service stations shuts at 7pm

Camping in the Pinnacles is not permitted

Ensure accommodation has been booked or have adequate transport back home

It is good practice to use a Red headlamp instead of a hand torch

It is considered bad etiquette to turn on lights once the photography session begins

Strictly NO FIRES

Wear appropriate footwear (Toes covered, Boots preferred)

Please note that there are Kangeroos in the area, please drive with caution

The speed limit on Indian Ocean Drive leading to the Pinnacles has been reduced from 110 Km/h to 100 Km/h. Please drive carefully. Speed cameras are used in the area.