2017-05-08 - Workshop 9

Reflecting upon past experiences from childhood to find interests that have changed over time and how we view our past interests and likings today.

I find that I remember things that I dislike more than I like. I keep my bad experiences at the fore front of my mind so as to actively avoid repeating the error. Thinking back at my entire childhood, I feel I could not pick out an interest that has stood the test of time and remained with me till today. 

The exercise was not meaningless to me, however. 

Upon a deep reflection of my past hobbies and interests, I found a distinct pattern in the way I like to learn. Essentially, I love to get things wrong. I like to be corrected and introduced to new ideas and concepts that challenge my preexisting notions. A recent example would be my personal work in Astrophotography where I've had more failed shoots than successes. I've had made mistakes every time I've gone out for a shoot, some insignificant errors and some that have ruined the entire shoot. However, it's from these errors where I find myself learning and improving. This style of learning, since I was young, has seen my make MANY mistakes. But at the same time, I feel it allows me to gather a very unique and accurate perspective.

Essentially my entire life has been a reverse mind map. Where I start with an end goal and figure out what NOT to do in order to get there.