2017-05-01 - Workshop 8

Discussing Wicked problems.

Our group discussed the Wicked Problem of Drug Addiction. We spent most of the session simply trying to identify the scope of the problem. Brain storming the key areas on which drug addiction causes the most negative effects and who the type of people is affects. 

Essentially, we ran into the fundamental issue of a wicked problem, there was no solution without negatively affecting someone else. This is especially true with the drug addiction and the war on drugs. Yes, drug addiction effects many people negatively, but at the same time, the current efforts to fight drug trafficking has arguably caused more issues than it has fixed. 

Discussing the problem and possible solutions in detail gave me a greater appreciation of the concept of the "Wicked Problem". I thought I was fairly well informed the topic of the War on Drugs and Drug Addiction. However, the in depth discussions gave me a new perspective on the issue and made me realize there were many other aspects that I had no yet considered. 


The other activity we did was the trust exercise where we had to call out a students name before throwing them an item for them to catch. We did this with 2 objects, a tissue box and a metal flask. The goal of the activity was to call out to the person you were going to throw the object to which emphasized communication, trust and alertness. Thought I felt stressed out during the start of the activity, I did feel more comfortable with the activity towards the end when, I guess, everyone else started to feel more comfortable with each other.