2017-04-24 - Workshop 7

Exploring business ideas.

The main exercise of the workshop was to think of an innovative idea for a business and pitch it to the right investors.

My group came up with the idea of a Drone Coffee Delivery system. Initially, we were excited about the idea and quickly came up with the features we thought were most important. We limited the scope of our product and figured out a target audience. We then went on to discuss the relevant industries our product would span across and who the likely investors would be. 

When it came down to the technical details and challenges however, the idea sort of broke down. Multiple factors stood in the way of our idea, mainly drone and privacy laws. As we tried to adapt our product to the current laws, it became less and less appealing as we had to compromised the features and services.

Overall, though flawed, our idea was an interesting thought experiment. Developing a product that would service multiple industries using emerging technologies is very exciting.