2017-04-10 - Workshop 6

Mind map challenges.

Exploring mind mapping methods. Idea formulations versus Idea subtractions.

The biggest thing I took away from this tutorial is the different approach to mind mapping by using idea subtractions instead of trying to develop new ideas. Essentially thinking about what WILL NOT work as opposed to what MIGHT work.

I felt the idea was to categorize everything that you do not like and then finding the solutions for each category, getting to the root of them problem. 

Aside from the actual content of the tutorial. I feel a little frustrated by the disruptive behaviours of some of the students. There is a significant difference between someone who contributes badly and a disruptive person. I've come into this unit with an open mind, understanding that I'm here to learn and contribute.

The dismissive attitude towards units that one doesn't agree with is an attitude I use to have... And it clearly is the wrong attitude to have.