2017-03-06 - Workshop 2

The workshop started with an exercise which we drew an "ideal" mirror. This was a little difficult for me as most of my ideal wall-hangings are frameless. I appreciate clean, minimalistic designs which focuses the attention on the subject in question. I almost felt embarrassed to voice my opinion on clean design when most of the people around me started off with intricate and complex designs. 

We were then instructed to draw three facades of ourselves that not many people know and we discussed them, first in pairs, then in groups of sixes. I found this activity to be very fun, interactive and enjoyable and proceeded to participate without any resistance. 

The tutor encouraged us to be as curious as possible. To ask each other questions on the minute details of their drawings. 

I was particularly intrigued by one drawing in my group. (Sorry, I've forgotten his name). Three drawings of triangular polygons which represented his thought process to show how he uses iterative techniques to improve his memory. He said that his interests were to figure out formulas and patterns in order to help him recall advanced concepts, making me believe that he genuinely loves "systems" and how things work at the base layer. I was thoroughly impressed at such a thought process.