2017-03-27 - Workshop 4


Creative thinking with mind maps. 

I find mind maps less useful than they should be. A salad of words vaguely representing an idea that is difficult for anyone to read but the author. Instead of mind maps, a new technique was introduced. The SCAMPER technique.

SCAMPER seems to be a quite a easy technique to produce a different idea, although within very rigid guidelines. Using the SCAMPER technique, one could almost predict the ideas that would arise with a given input. 

In my group, we were tasked with SCAMPERing a paper clip. Because the SCAMPER method is very structured, the ideas generated were very uniformed and predictable.

That being said, the application of SCAMPER is very broad and could be very useful for my personal studies in photography where idea manipulation plays a very important role.


Magnify, Maximize, Minimize
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