2017-02-27 - Workshop 1

BRD 209 Reflective Blog

Week 1 Workshop – Ice Breaker games.:

The bulk of the workshop revolved around interactive activities in attempts to break the ice commonly found at the start of the semester.

I have been away from University for over 2 years now, attempting to hone my skills as a photographer while I was away. The freedom and lack of structure in my personal photography adventures have been both a blessing and a curse. In one sense, I have learnt a great deal in the last 2 years trying to figure out the art of photography by myself through trial and error. However, the lack of structure and guidance have lead me to return to Murdoch University to get my proper qualifications and turn my photography into a job.

What struck me most during the workshop was the broad range of answers given to me whenever I asked “what is your ideal job?”. From what I could gather from the people I spoke to, very few people have an “Ideal Job”. Most, however, have a rough idea of what field they want to work in but very few had a defined goal or a dream job. I personally found this surprising mainly because I am a person that works through plans. I have to meticulously plan things out in detail before I dare embark on the activity.

I feel this will change a lot during this semester.