I've been lucky enough to try out a range of equipment over the years have settled on what I consider to be the ideal setup for my style of photography. The equipment I use now have been chose based on specific features that astrophotography demands. Consider wisely and thoroughly research your choice of gear.




Designed in conjunction with NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover, the Gigapan Epic Pro is my choice of panorama tripod head. This highly accurate and easy-to-use- automated system saves a significant amount of time when shooting panoramas and photospheres. Ultra wide fast prime lenses are desirable. My preferred lens is the Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art lens. This, along with my Nikon D750 is my primary setup.




I use a Super Telephoto zoom lens with an added 2x teleconverter to effectively double the zoom range. This is equivalent to shooting through a small telescope. This is my main setup for telephoto moon shots, however, this is also a common setup for wildlife photography.