Hello Earthlings!

I'm Paean, a Perthling (someone from Perth), a Photographer and an Adventurer with a passion for the night sky. As a little boy, I laid hands on my Dad's MEADE telescope and saw Saturn and its rings for the first time. I have been fascinated with the night sky ever since.

Over the past few years, I've been travelling to various iconic locations around Western Australia to capture the beauty of the night sky for all to see. I often spend sleepless nights out in remote parts of Western Australia to photograph the raw landscapes and stunning dark skies.

The night sky is spectacular and brilliant to behold and I find great satisfaction in capturing the sights less seen. Gazing upon the Milky Way is something that I hope everyone gets to do in their lifetime. But if you can't see it in person, let me bring it to you.


Capture Magazine 2017 Emerging Commended Award


Google Street View Trusted Photographer


The Sunday Times Publication


Astrofest 2016 Judge's Commendation Award

Australian Photography 2016 Photographer of the Year Highly Commended Award