Apart from Astrophotography, I work with small business to create an online presence on Google Street View and Facebook. Photospheres allows potential customers to view what it would be like to stand in your shop or office before they even get there. There are more people on the internet today than there has ever been, so it's time to get your business onto Google Street View. 

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St Emilies Church, Canning Vale

Library, Murdoch University

Cromarty Gardens, Canning Vale

Building 460, Murdoch University

Bush Court, Murdoch University

Subway, Canningvale

Stockland, Harrisdale

Jamaica Blue, Harrisdale

St Emilies Church, Canning Vale

Serpentine Dam, Jarrahdale

Robot Park, Harrisdale

State War Memorial, Kings Park

Student Village, Murdoch University

Psychology Building, Murdoch University

MixedInk Printing, Willeton

Rolld, Harrisdale

Stockland, Harrisdale

PSAS Art Space, Fremantle

Serpentine Dam, Jarrahdale

Bletchley Park, Southern River

Nile Crescent Reserve

Fraser Ave, Kings Park

Chinese Garden, Murdoch University

Subway, Harrisdale

Rockmans Clothing, Harrisdale

Amherst Public Library, Southern River